User Data Deletion

We understand the importance of your data privacy, and we strive to ensure that your information is handled securely and responsibly. Here is a detailed explanation of how we manage and delete your data.

Data Storage

Your data is stored only on your device and is not shared with us or any third parties. This ensures that your personal information remains private and under your control. We have chosen not to collect your sensitive personal data, as we aim to offer the most trustworthy and secure product possible. However, we do collect general information such as usage patterns, completed exercises, selected courses, etc., but we do not collect activity data or other details from the exercises themselves. This information is gathered to improve and enhance the app. We do not collect information that can be traced back to an individual user.

Data Deletion

If you wish to delete your personal data, you can easily do so by uninstalling the app from your device. When the app is uninstalled, all data stored on your device is automatically deleted. If you choose to reinstall Meta Learn on your device, or on another device, your data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our user data deletion policy, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to assist you and answer your questions:

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