New Personalized Self-Help App for better Mental Health

Improve your mental health with interactive exercises and personalized tools

Highlight og several interactive exercises in the Meta Learn App.

A self-help app for mental well-being

Meta Learn is a new app that offers courses on stress, racing thoughts, depression, and anxiety disorders such as infection, exam, and disease anxiety. It allows you to work on your mental well-being anytime, anywhere.

Meta Learn helps you identify the habits and strategies that contribute to your mental health issues and suggests interactive exercises tailored to your needs.

Interactive exercises and personalized tools

Meta Learn helps you identify the habits and strategies that contribute to your mental health problems and offers personalized interactive exercises that have been shown to be effective in improving your mental well-being. These exercises give you knowledge and teach you new strategies that you can immediately start using in your everyday life. Regular practice is the key to integrating this knowledge and these new strategies into your life.

Suitable for everyone

The strategies and the knowledge in Meta Learn are useful for everyone and not just those with psychological distress. We all encounter challenges that can affect our mental health to some degree, and having access to these techniques can help prevent mental health issues from developing. Even if you don't have a mental disorder, Meta Learn can serve as a preventive measure and help you maintain good mental health.

Based on metacognitive therapy and coaching

Meta Learn is primarily based on techniques from metacognitive therapy, a method developed by Adrian Wells, Professor of Psychology at Manchester University. The app also incorporates various coaching techniques to improve mental health.

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