The Benefits of Positive Focus

A guide to retraining the brain for improved well-being

Positive focus exercise in the Meta Learn App.

Why we remember negative events more vividly

The human brain has a natural tendency to focus on negative experiences more than positive ones. This is due to the way our neural pathways work, making it easier for us to remember negative experiences than positive ones. Even if we experience several positive things and only one negative thing, the negative experience tends to stick with us more.

Due to the way our neural pathways work, our brains tend to remember negative experiences more easily than positive ones.

How to retrain your brain to prioritize positivity

However, we can retrain our brains to focus more on the positive by actively choosing to do so. When we focus on positive experiences and information, it takes up more space in our minds, leaving less room for negative experiences or information. One way to do this is through daily exercise, which can increase the brain's ability to detect and focus on something positive.

Achieve emotional stability through positive focus

In addition to helping us feel more emotionally stable, focusing on positive things can also have physical health benefits. Positive thoughts can decrease cortisol levels and produce serotonin, which creates a feeling of well-being. When our serotonin levels are normal, we tend to feel more emotionally stable.

Experience the benefits of positive focus with the Meta Learn app

If you're interested in training your brain to focus more on the positive, consider downloading the Meta Learn app from Google Play or the App Store. By practicing positive focus through daily exercises, you can improve your mental health and overall well-being.

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